Welcome to Northern Ambition and to our Academies!

Our Vision

Our vision is of a world where all children and young people are given the opportunity to thrive, succeed and aspire. As a Trust:

  • We believe that every child, whatever their background or circumstances, should be given the opportunity to flourish, succeed and dream.
  • We believe that our schools have a duty to contribute to the improvement of our local communities and wider society.
  • We believe that all schools within our Trust, irrespective of their starting points, bring something valuable to contribute to our success and the achievement of our collective goals.
  • We believe in the importance of working together in the best interests of the children in our communities.

Our Values

Our mission is for every child to leave our schools equipped with the essential skills they need to contribute effectively to society and to become well-rounded, confident, happy adults. To do this we believe in the following values and try to keep these at the heart of what we do:


  • We aim high and don’t put limits on ourselves or other people;
  • We are relentless in assessing our performance and seeking to continuously improve;
  • We make the most of the opportunities offered to us to help us achieve our goals.


  • We try new things and see mistakes as an opportunity to learn;
  • We don’t shy away from tough decisions or difficult situations;
  • We don’t give up if things are hard.


  • We think about the impact of our actions on others in the choices we make;
  • We value what makes us different and believe everyone has something to contribute;
  • We encourage honest, open debate and listen to constructive feedback about how to make things better.

We are proud to be a values-driven organisation with an unwavering commitment to our children and young people, our families, staff and the community. Our Trust places our pupils, students and staff at the heart of everything we do.

It is often said that each child gets one chance at an education and here at Northern Ambition Academies Trust, we ensure that our children are given every possible opportunity to reach their potential, unlock their creativity and to succeed in life.


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