School Improvement


The principle of school-to-school support is at the heart of what we do.

Across our academies, a wealth of expertise and outstanding practice is shared throughout our community. We have an increasing number of Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) and Lead Practitioners (LPs), as well as  two School Improvement Directors specialising in primary and secondary provision, respectively. 

We follow the David Carter Model for School Improvement, directly linking the level of support to the individual status of each academy and its needs as follows:
   - Sustain: For securely ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ schools.
   - Improve: For those securing or on the journey to ‘Good’.
   - Stabilise & Repair: For those in need of intensive support.

All academies within our Trust benefit from our core offer with the following central support:

   - HR
   - Finance
   - Health & Safety
   - Governance
   - Communications
   - Collaboration
   - CPD

Curriculum Hubs
Our school improvement mission is driven by our curriculum hubs for Mathematics, English, Subject Leaders, SEND, Attendance and Transition.

Mathematics Hub
We have developed shared Mathematics and Calculations Policies through our Mathematics Hub to promote improvement and consistency across our Trust. As a result, all pupils use similar methods and strategies in their work and are increasingly confident when approaching reasoning questions.

English Hub
Our English Hub facilitates sharing best practice in English teaching across the Trust. This approach has increased the consistency of English teaching and assessment across our schools, with a shared focus on reading, vocabulary and transitional phases between units. 

Subject Leader Hub
Subject Leaders (Primary and Secondary) meet each half-term to collaborate on curriculum development, planning, leadership, transition and professional development.

The SEND hub enables staff from across all schools to share best practice and discuss issues regarding SEND, whether these are school-specific, regional or national, to ensure the most effective provision for all pupils.

Attendance Hub
Our Attendance Hub facilitates interactions between schools to drive attendance rates throughout. Our Trust-wide ‘More Than Club’ programme encourages pupils to aim for attendance rates of 95%+ through competitions and rewards. 

Transition Hub
Primary and Secondary Headteachers meet termly to discuss key information to ensure the smooth transition of pupils within all key stages.